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Eyebrows on Fleek

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Eyebrows frame the face, they give expression, warmth and depth. One glance at stars like Coleen Rooney and Megan Fox shows us that perfectly defined eyebrows give the complexion of a well- groomed, fresh and youthful appearance.

Markers of Expression

Markers of Expression

The eyes are the ultimate markers of expression and human connection and its part of our body language that we pay majority of attention to.

Do you wish you could wake up with glamorous and beautifully defined eyes, without having to apply mascara or eyeliner?

Luxurious Lips

We cannot all be blessed with naturally full, luscious lips - but, thankfully, we now have the option of restoring and boosting our youthful pout with Semi-Permanent lip treatments, the natural skin pigment in our lips fades right down, which draws colour from the face.

Price List

Semi-Permanent make up Prices:

  • NEW - Scar cover up From £150
  • NEW - Semi-Permanent Concealer From £150
    Latest technique to improve dark circles under the eye area
  • Eyebrows - Powder WOW brows £250
  • Eyebrows - 3D Hairstroke brows £280
  • Eyeliner - Natural £220 per area
  • Eyeliner - Upper & Lower £400
  • Eyeliner - Thick £250
  • Eyeliner - Latino Flick £300
  • Microblading £150
  • Lipliner £220
  • Lipblend £250
  • Lip Blush Full £300
  • Other Technicians Corrections £200 +
  • Top Ups £149 +
    If ink is fully visible
  • Beautyspot £60

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