Do you wish you could wake up with glamorous and beautifully defined eyes, without having to apply mascara or eyeliner?

The eyes are the ultimate markers of expression and human connection and it's part of our body language that we pay majority of attention to.

Ageing eyes become dull and lifeless as the colour of the iris becomes washed out, lashes become sparse and the eyes lose definition.

Applying eyeliner can be quite difficult and time-consuming, and even the most artistic find themselves applying eyeliner, then removing it and re-applying to get rid of the smudges and uneven lines, only to find it’s disappeared by the end of the day!!!!

Thankfully, Semi-permanent makeup services have created a range of bespoke treatments that create more definition to the eyes and that stand-out effect. The treatments will allow you to wake up with brighter, younger, sexier eyes – and nobody will be able to work out how or why and all without you having to go near a mirror every day!

Our treatments can provide you with a range of different looks suitable for everyday wear – from your “full lash” effect to a thicker & more defining look, which will still leave you with an extremely natural-looking appearance!

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